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Airtel Malawi "Tisangalale" Promotion

New revenue stream for operators: Top Up Card offers lottery ticket feature

Discover how Airtel Malawi promotion delivered the objective using an additional participation channel which contributed more than 38% to the total revenues.
Airtel successfully completed an unprecedented promotion with Airtel Malawi celebrating the 50 years of Malawi Independence, giving away 50 million Kwacha to subscribers as a grand prize and big cash prizes daily.

A new mechanism was implemented to increase participation in the promotion where subscribers purchased lottery tickets when buying top-up cards for their phones. This additional participation channel managed to contribute more than 38% of the total revenues. Using this lottery ticket the subscribers participated in daily draws to win large amounts of cash. Moreover this mechanism created a buzz in the subscriber base and increased the ARPU of Airtel by 4% during the period of the promotion.

Additionally the promotion enhanced the brand equity of Airtel and recruited thousands of new subscribers. The billed traffic was equivalent to almost two times the subscriber base of Airtel and churn rate was reduced by at least 3% resulting in the most successful promotion ever in Malawi.

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