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Vodafone 14200 – powered by VoiceWeb

Vodafone and VoiceWeb launched the new release of the 14200 Entertainment Voice Portal, available to Vodafone subscribers since 2003. Subscribers can dial14200 from their mobile device and get access to the following info:


Subscribers calling the Astrology service can listen to horoscope predictions for themselves and their loved ones; there is an array of services to choose from: daily predictions, zodiac match, tarot cards, zodiac characteristics and compatibility, etc. Callers can also be connected live to an experienced astrologer and tarot reader for more detailed and personalized predictions.

Through this service, users can interact with people they share similar interests with. Callers are connected to a live representative, establish a profile and provide the characteristics of the person they would like to chat with. The representative uses this information to select the appropriate ‘match’..and the fun begins!


14200 provides updated weather forecasts for almost all Greek towns and regions.
Subscribers have the ability via a voice recognition mechanism to select the precise area of Greece of their interest, and  listen to daily or two-day forecasts.
Access to Statistical Analysis and Report Generation Tools