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VoiceWeb first Greek Member of LT-Innovate

VoiceWeb reaffirmed its membership as the first full member from Greece during the LT-Innovate Summit 2013 that took place in Brussels on June 26-27.

LT-Innovate( is the European Forum of language technology vendors (speech applications, intelligent content and translation services), numbering over 170 members from accross Europe, operating under the auspices of the European Union, and funded by the ICT program of FP7. VoiceWeb is the first full member to join from Greece.

During the recent LT-InnovateSummit 2013 in Brussels, participants were invited to discuss latest industry developments, technological as well as commercial, challenges ahead brought on by multilinguality and big data, as well as potential synergies in exploiting opportunities on a global level. In the course of the 2-day Summit, VoiceWeb showcased the innovations being integrated into its production process in the areas of multilingual application developments as well as analysis of these customer interactions, achieved through its participation in research and development projects, funded by the European Union and the 7th Framework Program.
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