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VoiceWeb in Cooperation with FirstData Hellas Launches Credit Card Voice Information (CCVI) for a Number of Banks

Following the successful launch of CCVA (Credit Card Voice Activation) VoiceWeb and First Data Hellas introduce a new product which will further enrich the Voice Banking suite of services offered to financial clients and their customers and through which they will be able to perform transactions more efficiently and with increased personalization and convenience.

With VoiceWeb’s CCVI (Credit Card Voice Information) customers of Alpha Bank, Bank of Cyprus, HSBC, ATE Bank and Attika Bank can receive information related to multiple credit, debit or other smart cards over the phone. Avoiding the hustle of visiting a branch or an ATM, from their landline or mobile phone and at their own convenience, users can receive instant and real-time information about their cards' status.

CCVI leverages a Speech Recognition enabled IVR system to automate the process of information retrieval. The system's natural speech capabilities offer exceptional caller experience, consistent service quality, while ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place to protect customer data. With just a call bank customers are thus given access to card information like:  
  • Current Balance
  • Credit Limit
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Latest Statement Information
  • Latest Transactions
  • General Card Information
  • etc.

First Data Hellas and VoiceWeb commit to shortly launch more similar Voice Banking products and make those available to more and more banks and their customers.  
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