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VoiceWeb’s Mega SMS Promo delivered unprecedented results for Umniah, Jordan

Following the first successful promotion VoiceWeb had implemented for Umniah, VoiceWeb was selected again to design, create and implement Umniah Mega SMS Promo for Ramadan 2010.

Although the campaign started only 42 days after the end of the previous one, unprecedented results were achieved.
VoiceWeb's use of innovative registration mechanisms for the first time in the Jordanian market, resulted in recruiting more than 38% of Umniah’s base, a new industry record. At a time where operators are trying to engage more deeply with their subscribers and create a dialogue between themselves and their subscribers, achieving 38% of engagement is extremely valuable for operators.

The campaign, which lasted for 65 days finished on September 10th, 2010 and the final prize was awarded during an impressive Award Ceremony with senior executives of Umniah delivering the prize, a luxury jeep, to the winner.

Prize line up also included a 2,000 JOD cash prize every day.
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