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VoiceWeb launches the new Village Cinemas Ticketing System

Following the first launch in 2005, Village Roadshow extends its long and successful cooperation with VoiceWeb, the premier speech technology integrator and speech application service provider in Greece, to provide customers with the new release of VoiceWeb Ticketing solution for automated movie inquiries and ticket sales, thereby further offloading calls from their agents and increa sales.
Users will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional caller experience and friendly communication in the most human-like manner. Advanced features include:

  • Multiple recognition commands (cinema + date + movie) & smart-dynamic flow
  • Use of persistence models for greater speed (caching mechanisms)
  • Advance Credit card control for 100% safe transactions
  • Wizard based flow in movie search & ticket purchase
  • Multiple voice personas (male – female)
  • Advanced Search capabilities (multiple search criteria used simultaneously)
  • Promotions and advertisements
Village Roadshow continues to place its trust with VoiceWeb for its extensive voice user-interface (VUI) design expertise. The result is a user-friendly and entertaining solution that is easily accessible by callers from technically and culturally diverse demographics.
Village Roadshow aims to further increase the current 85% automation rate of customer calls. It is expected that in the current year of operation the solution with handle over 1,000,000 calls and achieve ROI in just two months. Callers will continue to be served efficiently with almost zero waiting time, as the automated service is instantly available to customers, while those callers requiring agent assistance wait only one minute (four minutes during peak times).
We are pleased to see that our customers prefer VoiceWeb Ticketing for booking their tickets easily and quickly with no call waiting even during peak hours. At the moment more than 85% of our customer service is fully automated
thanks to VoiceWeb Ticketing. Our voice portal has gained the confidence of our customers and up to now it has handled more that 1,000,000 calls. VoiceWeb is our strategic partner, which helps us boost customer satisfaction
and retention while achieving lower operating costs
”, said Mr. Darivakis Kostas, Financial & Business Affairs Director of Village Roadshow Greece SA.
We deploy complete voice solutions with the aim to help our business partners differentiate from the competition and enhance their client base. We are satisfied to see that our experience and expertise in deploying high-quality voice applications has helped Village Cinemas to boost ticket sales while increasing the customer confidence in customer service. Voice Services are constantly becoming a part of everyday life and we are glad that leading firms choose VoiceWeb as their strategic partner,” reported Dr. Nikos Patsis, VoiceWeb CEO.
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