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2009-02-15 Voice Portal for Vessel Itineraries
2009-01-12 "Cars, We All Love Cars" - VoiceWeb America Creates the Buzz with the Mega SMS Promotion for Claro El Salvador
2008-09-08 Hellenic Shows S.A., the Largest Theater Company in Greece Selects VoiceWeb Voice Ticketing
2008-02-18 VoiceWeb Implements IVR Outbound Campaign for FRG
2007-12-13 Mediatex Partners With VoiceWeb To Deliver Voice Services To 4 TV Stations
2007-12-05 Sales Grow 40% For VoiceWeb During First 9 Months of 2007
2007-10-01 VoiceWeb Sponsors Info-Com Telecom Conference
2007-09-27 AEK FC Trusts VoiceWeb's Voice Ticketing For Second Straight Year
2007-09-26 Athinaion Cinepolis Trusts VoiceWeb For Second Straight Year of Voice Ticketing Portal Operation
2007-09-25 Second Year of Successful Operation for VoiceWeb's Voice CRM Solution
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